2010 Suzuki Hayabusa


2010 was time for a little salt flat racing for me. I got my hands on a 06’ Hayabusa and proceeded to start prepping it to take out to Bonneville. I had a few ideas that didn’t quite shake out for that year but the bike went together and out we went. Fun was had and the speed bug bit in a little harder with its fangs, I’m pretty sure the venom is measured in octane from those little suckers.

The best I was able to squeeze out of the red n black ride was a little over 181 MPH, but it held up to the abuse and ran flawlessly. I was very impressed with the bike and knew that the next one was going to have to have a turbo. I got some seat time under my belt and got a B class competition license from the SCTA but the chance to break into the 200 MPH realm on the salt was a bit beyond the bike. Nonetheless I had made some new friends, had a lay of the land for the next outing, and a healthy dose of 120-octane venom running through my veins. Madness was sure to follow, and it did.