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I set up the surface plate and surrounded myself with piles of parts and started building. Everyone in the shop has helped out. Customers and vendors have been very helpful and supportive and now all I need to do is find some supportive sponsors ($$ hint hint $$) and it will all be good.

As the 2011 build has progressed, different obstacles have been made evident and overcome, everyone has pitched in ideas and made suggestions and the build you see is the result of those combined efforts. This would not have been possible without the help of these people, all of whom I'll try to list and thank, but I’m sure I might miss a few, and I’m sorry if I do and if it is you. But first and foremost I need to blame/thank my dad; I’m pretty sure it is through his negligence I was bitten by the speed bug at an early age. But over the years he has put a lot of pieces in place that have helped put me where I’m at, time, equipment, knowledge and support. We tend to argue like cats n dogs when were are in the same room but he has jumped through plenty of hoops for me and I appreciate it even if sometimes I forget to show it, and I do the same for him. It’s an odd relationship but he’s my dad and I love him and wanted to say thanks first and foremost to him. We are more alike than either of us will ever admit to.

To the left are many shots and videos of the entire 2011 build process from start to completetion. Again, many thanks to everyone who lent a hand! To read the entire story of how this bike came to be, view the 2011 details page.